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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Find the One!

When was the last time you got measured? The chances are you have not been measured at all and are simply guessing what size you are or you have not been measured lately and your body shape has changed but your bra has stayed the same. 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and style to best suit there body. 

We all have that trusty comfy bra that you don't want to take off but would be ashamed if anyone saw it. I am one of the 85 percentiles as I was never measured, yes at the age of 26 I repeat I was never measured. I was never marched into M&S for the obligatory teen fit so it was just a guessing game and god I was so wrong.  
I met with the Triumph team and as a brand they are really leading the way in women finding the right fit for their body. They have been around since 1886 but Finding the One campaign is in response to listening to their consumers and giving them what they need.
I tried every shape and style on and when I say the difference when you find the one that fits you properly is unbelievable. I wondered why I hadn't done this before. Your underwear makes everything look better and gives you a confidence boost. Why can't it be practical, comfortable and of course a little sexy! 
This Amourette electric blue number is what caught my eye. I was so far off with what I was wearing I immediately noticed a difference. 
Ladies go get measured, treat yourself to a little set. Go find your one! Trust me you will not regret it.
Love Keva xx

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