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Friday, February 12, 2016


It is that time of year again, where you will see men rushing around trying to pick up flowers, girls trying to figure out what to wear and all in aid of Saint Valentine. None of us really know anything about who the day is named after but the majority will do something to mark it. Whether thats all the single ladies getting together and going on a night out (some drowning their sorrows), the married couples getting to enjoy some time to themselves or else the couples who will just treat it like any other day.

I am not the type to go out to a stuffy restaurant as it is something on this particular night that I do not enjoy. This year I want to stay in and celebrate it on Saturday instead. My plan is to get a takeaway and have a nice bottle of champagne but I always do like to get something to mark it. Some would say a token and some certain person would be in trouble if there was nothing to mark it such as a card or some macaroons or some peonies - yes I have thought about it! That being said I am not into people going over the top and making it into something that it shouldn't be. I have pulled together a few items that you may want to buy for your respective other, the new person you are seeing or just to treat yourself. I hope you enjoy - Love is in the Air!

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Have a lovely weekend.

Kisses xoxox


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