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Monday, February 01, 2016

The Fumbally For Dinner!

I love seeing a business grow from strength to strength and the The Fumbally has done just that. We have been going for years and now it is a firm brunch favourite for people who travel far and wide for the food. The good news is they have started doing a mid week dinner menu, only available on Wednesdays.
There is one dish on the menu for a main with a vegetarian option also available and one desert. Simple is best as they say and once it's full of taste how you can argue. We each had a tipple, I tried the red house wine and he tried an Irish cider. We started with a nibble of beetroot with dandelion pesto which was delicious.

I never have experienced The Fumbally in the dark, filled with melting candles and french jazz music humming,the whole ambiance is different and in fact quite the romantic little spot.
The theme of the menu was Celeriac one with served with crusty sourdough bread. Packed full of flavour and not your conventional dinner menu. They also had a goats cheese desert on the menu which sounded delicious but seeing as I cant have goats cheese I was cheeky enough to ask did they have some of their amazing chocolate cake. I was in luck!

Savouring every gooey bite and finishing of our drinks. We strolled on home feeling quite happy with ourselves.

Hope you enjoyed. Love Keva x

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