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Friday, April 22, 2016

Paris Snapshots!

You can get a lot done in a day as they say and I feel if you plan and use your time wisely no matter how long or short, you can see a lot. I find I am becoming more and more of an organizer but I think that comes with the territory when working full time, having a blog and trying to sustain a social and love life. I took full advantage of my time in city city of love and I decided to pull a few snaps taken at any opportunity possible.
I got up early and set off on my adventure.I had my eye on a well known Parisian courtyard for my lunch and seeing as the sun was out I set my location. Just before my lunch location I came across the most gorgeous flower shop that only sells roses, called Costes Roses.
 If I could have flowers in my house like this each day I would, look how beautiful they are.

One bunch even nicer than the next. Check them out here for more pics. I would have taken the whole shop if I could.After all the flower gazing my tummy began to grumble so I made my way towards food.
Hotel Costes has been on my list for a while and I was so excited to see what it was all about.  Also, I think I may know what store they get their roses from ;)
Ruby Rouge on the inside,quite dark and intimate I wasn't sure where I had walked into but once you hit the courtyard it is filled with light and ambience. One waiter or waitress better looking than the next as well!
I must admit Hotel Costes is a very good spot for some people watching, especially with a pair of shades on! Everyone is so fabulously dressed, the french have such effortless style. I tucked into the nicest BLT I have ever had with french fries and a glass of vino, when in Paris and all of that.
Finished it with a coffee and went on my merry way taking more snaps as I walked.The menu is pricey so be warned before going there but it is one I would go back to but only for the courtyard.
Have a great weekend.

Love Keva xx

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