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Monday, June 13, 2016

My Blogging Space!

Morning lovelies, how was your weekend? I am sitting at my desk trying to get a bit of blog work done before the week starts all over again. I currently have a face mask on which has a tiger face on it (bizarre I know!) but I am hoping it makes my skin beautiful for the week. I have been blogging for nearly two years now and I seem to have the balance between my day job and blogging down to a tee although it is always busy I love it. Until recently I didn't have a designated space to work from, I was blogging from the couch, the bed, basically anywhere that had wifi and I decided it was time to create a "blogging" space.
Now this space is not much at the minute as I have much more planned but it is definitely a start.I think for blogging you really need a space to do it from or at least I feel it helps me. We had a desk in our room that became a bit of a dumping ground and I wanted to change that.
I cleaned it up and wanted to keep it quite simple and not too cluttered so that it was a prettier place to work from with a few simple steps.  1. Flowers I usually try to have flowers on my desk preferably fresh ones but these pink peonies from Avoca are pretty handy. They add a bit of colour to the desk and cheer me up, plus you all know from my Instagram I have a weakness when it comes to flowers.

2. A Notebook A nice notebook is handy for planning and this leather one I got in TK Maxx is the perfect size for the desk and my handbag. 3. Candles Of course you need a candle too to add that touch of zen and they also look pretty and smell delicious.

I plan on doing a good bit more to the space but this is a quick and easy solution to creating a space for yourself to work from.

Have a good week.

Love Keva xx


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