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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Stripes by the Sea!

Yes the stripes are back and I wont make any apologies for it, I am a die hard fan of them now and of course it is an off the shoulder top. This trend is one I hope never goes and if it does I will still be wearing them, trend schmend once you love something I think just wear it.
An OTS top is so flattering unless you are extremely busty, I don't have that problem!!!! But then again I am yet to see someone that they don't look good on.
This is the type of outfit I would wear daily on holidays, it is comfy and chic, one of my favourite proverbs!

Before we headed off I popped into Mango and let me tell you I wanted to take the entire store with me, the stuff was divine but I decided on these shorts, as my wardrobe was missing a navy pair and I got a few accessories too.
I have never really bought a beach bag but this year I knew I had to get my hands on a Rae Feather basket. Who doesn't love personalised bags and I doubled this up as my bag on the plane as well as my carry on luggage.
More often than not I don't book bags on when travelling and yes it requires a lot of outfit planning to be able to do this but it takes away any waiting around and gets me to the destination quicker. Every minute counts!
These tan flatforms are unbelievably comfy and they have been getting a lot of wear.
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Panama Hat // Primark
OTS Top // Zara
Navy Shorts // Mango
Flatforms // Topshop
Basket // Rae Feather
We shot these pictures in Marathopoli a seaside town that was about 15 minutes from our resort where the food is amazing and the people are so kind.

Have a great day.

Love Keva xx

Photo credit // Ella Weld

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