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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Travel Tips for Cannes!

Hump day is here and I am even more excited about it than usual as it is my Friday woop woop! I wanted to do a quick tip post for Cannes to share with you guys as a few people have been asking. This was my first time in Cannes and I fell in love. It epitomises chic and it was even more of an experience as the Film Festival was on.
Flying & Transport
The flight time is really short from Dublin to Nice, you can get the bus down to Cannes from there but if there is 4 of you or more there is nothing like getting an airport pick up. It really saves the stress of lugging bags around in the heat and I think it makes a difference to your arrival and departure. Make sure to book this in advance and as you arrive they will be there ready and waiting. Getting around Cannes itself is very easy, we walked everywhere and it definitely is the best way to take in the sites and get familiar with the place.

The Beach
My favourite part of any holiday is spending time at the beach. We went to Vegaluna and Moorea Nui beach clubs, you may have seen the post from Moorea Nui earlier in the week. Vegaluna is a very french set up with amazingly friendly staff and very close to the croisette.  Moorea Nui is a little more lively and Sunday is the best day to go here. The staff in both are very friendly and there is nothing like being served a cocktail on your sun lounger as the waves come crashing in.
Breakfast - we visited the local bakery every morning which smelled and tasted delicious but was not the ideal thinking to be horsing into when you are in a bikini 12 hours of the day. When in France and all of that. The one we went to was on Rue D'Antibes and also sold good coffee.

Lunch - Both of the beach clubs we went to are amazing, we got down by 11am each morning and had lunch down there. It is nice to go up to the deck and sip on rosé our favourite was the Berne Rosé which was reasonably priced everywhere we went and fuel up on food for the day. Both of these places serve good food but we found the portions massive and ended up sharing. Now, we are girls so if you are with your husband or boyfriend you will not be sharing.

Dinner - I have to say I wasn't wowed by any of the places we went for dinner which was disappointing but we really enjoyed our days out that we even just got pizza and prosecco one night.

The only thing I didn't locate was and ice-cream vendor selling pistachio ice-cream... I will succeed on my next trip.

The Rue d'Antibes has loads of gorgeous stores and of course all of the really high end stores are on the Croisette but the little boutiques is where you will find the pieces that are a bit different.
One of my favourite things to do was strolling down the croisette, the street lined with palm trees and full of life.
If you have more time and are up for bussing or hiring a car you could take day trips to any of the close by spots such as Monaco or Antibes.
I already cant wait to go back.

Have a great week guys.

Keva xx


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