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Friday, July 29, 2016

Radio Rooftop London!

The Friday of the bank holiday is here and I took the day off work as we are heading to Wexford so I get an extra long weekend which I am delighted about. I am really hoping this weather changes as currently it is looking a bit grim. Last Saturday I went to Radio Rooftop in London to meet my friend Keara for breakfast. The sun was splitting the sky so what better place to spend it than on a rooftop soaking up the rays.
We tucked into their brunch menu and I eased myself in with an iced coffee.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Denim Ruffle!

Three big summer trends this year have been Denim, Ruffles and Off the Shoulder and this little number ticks all three boxes. Being honest I went to London and it was so bloody hot I had to go and do a bit of shopping. It also doesn't help when Zara is around the corner from the office but I found this little beauty in the sale section so I kept a lid on the purchases.
Cleverly it looks like denim but is not denim, it so much lighter and more comfortable to wear especially in the city heat.


Monday, July 25, 2016

London Snapshots!

Happy Monday everyone, I had nearly a full week in London last week. I was over with work and met friends over lunch or in the evening so it was great catching up with so many pals. Todays post is just a few snapshots from my trip, a Instagram and Snapchat roundup really of mostly food and drinks. I have loads more posts to share with you guys this week so keep your eyes peeled.
Every time I go to London I love experiencing new places. The pkaces I tried this time were amazing. If you are looking for cocktails in the sun then head to the John Lewis Rooftop Garden, the perfect sun perch.
Over lunch I usually grabbed something to go and sushi from Itsu is one of my faves. I also tried Busaba for the first time and had the best Pad Thai I have had in a long time.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sunkissed Skin!

Well Summer has well and truly arrived and although it is roasting I am not getting to fully enjoy it, unfortunately I am in the same boat as everyone else in office jobs who try to soak up the sun at lunch, walking to work or any opportunity possible. We return to look out the window yearning to be outside when we know we cannot. It brings me back to those days in school when the teacher couldn't even resist it and would teach the class out on the grass, only in Ireland!!! In any case one of my favourite things about summer is that Summer glow you get, now some people find it hard or near impossible to get a tan if you have that fair Irish skin so the two products I use will work for you as well as people who do tan to give you just the right amount of tan top up for that sunkissed look. I got my mums skin which picks up a tan quite easily so I am loving this weather.


Friday, July 15, 2016

The Denim Dress!

Happy Friday everyone, sorry I have been a bit MIA this week but it has been a bit of a strange week but looking forward to the weekend. It will be a little different than originally planned but heading to the country and looking forward to a walk on the beach. I have started a new gym regime and I am sore to say the least but definitely pushing myself so much harder than I have in years, so I am hoping it pays off. A denim dress is something that has really made a come back this year and with so many styles you are bound to find one that suits. I have picked a few of my favourites below to share with you guys.

I really have my eye on the Ruffle Mini and the OTS Embroidered numbers.

Have a great weekend.

Love Keva xx

Monday, July 11, 2016

Army Green Shirt!

I have noticed that my go to Summer style has consisted of easy pieces that can be worn in so many different ways. The look of a casual shirt, skinny jeans and heels is such an easily created outfit and one that I think can look hot but in an understated way.
I had been on the hunt for a an army green shirt for a while and this one from Zara was exactly what I was looking for, plus it was on sale so it was an all around winner. 

Friday, July 08, 2016

Moët&Chandon July Festival!

Yesterday we had a jam packed day, we got up early and headed to Newmarket in the UK for a day of racing. All glammed up we headed off for a soiree filled with food, champagne and flowers, not forgetting the horses of course!! We were so lucky with the day, the sun didn't stop shining and we sat out enjoying ourselves soaking up the atmosphere.
Any of you who follow on snapchat would have gotten the first glimpse of yesterdays event. The Moët & Chandon Darley Festival is one of the main racing events in the UK during the Summer, I had never been before so I was really looking forward to it. It didn't disappoint and was a day to remember.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Stars and Stripes!

Happy Monday lovelies and happy 4th of July. So many of my friends are off celebrating in style in the Hamptons or Vegas but I am in work so not quite the same. In any case I shot a stars and stripes look over the weekend to share with you.
The weather is so changeable at the minute that shorts and a jumper were the right choice leaving the house but we got caught in the rain, blogger problems and all of that.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Instagram Roundup!

Happy Friday everyone, I am so releived the weekend is finally here and we can relax! As a blogger I use A LOT of social media platforms but I have one or two that are my firm favourites and Instagram is one of them. I thought I would get tired of Instagram but I am just as obsessed as ever. It really is a picture book for adults and as a blogger this is one of the best spots for you to share some of your favourite pictures. So many bloggers I have met or follow say they have a theme, some stick to neutral palletes, some opt for the same colour tone or filter throughout. Mine I suppose features everything I love so you will see some similar things popping up (you may have already noticed) and it wasn't until recently that a friend of mine saw a common theme throughout. She said it was bright, colourful and exciting - I took all of those as a big compliment.

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