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Friday, July 01, 2016

Instagram Roundup!

Happy Friday everyone, I am so releived the weekend is finally here and we can relax! As a blogger I use A LOT of social media platforms but I have one or two that are my firm favourites and Instagram is one of them. I thought I would get tired of Instagram but I am just as obsessed as ever. It really is a picture book for adults and as a blogger this is one of the best spots for you to share some of your favourite pictures. So many bloggers I have met or follow say they have a theme, some stick to neutral palletes, some opt for the same colour tone or filter throughout. Mine I suppose features everything I love so you will see some similar things popping up (you may have already noticed) and it wasn't until recently that a friend of mine saw a common theme throughout. She said it was bright, colourful and exciting - I took all of those as a big compliment.

I tend to shy away from filters as more often than not they can look a bit fake, I think clear and bright photos is the best way to go, it is all about the natural lighting! The only app I use mostly for brightening is Photo Editor, my advice is that you should try and capture the image how you want it to appear rather than messing around with it to achieve the look. Instagram is where you will get the first look at all my outfit posts and any nice shots of flowers, cocktails, insight into my travels and of course a few selfies thrown in. Below are some of my recent Insta posts, go over and have a look and give the follow!
I am really looking forward to the weekend, I have a party tomorrow night I am eventually getting my hair done on Saturday morning and have a girls lunch we are then heading to Tipperary which will be a nice excuse to get out of the city. My Instagram and Snapchat are the best spots to keep up to date with all things Blunt Blonde.

Have a good weekend.

Keva xx

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