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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sunkissed Skin!

Well Summer has well and truly arrived and although it is roasting I am not getting to fully enjoy it, unfortunately I am in the same boat as everyone else in office jobs who try to soak up the sun at lunch, walking to work or any opportunity possible. We return to look out the window yearning to be outside when we know we cannot. It brings me back to those days in school when the teacher couldn't even resist it and would teach the class out on the grass, only in Ireland!!! In any case one of my favourite things about summer is that Summer glow you get, now some people find it hard or near impossible to get a tan if you have that fair Irish skin so the two products I use will work for you as well as people who do tan to give you just the right amount of tan top up for that sunkissed look. I got my mums skin which picks up a tan quite easily so I am loving this weather.

The girls in Karora sent me a few products of theres and I must admit I had never used any of their products before. This golden goddess gradual tan works so well with my skin I have been using it so much since coming back from Greece.It gives that overall sunkissed look and is ideal when you want that natural looking tan. It works really well over a natural base especially as it gives that little boost you need. I have been applying it twice a week after my shower and it works a treat. Shop it here
The second product I use to achieve the dreamy sunkissed skin is this Illuminating Bronzing Oil. I used this product from Sephora for the first time this year and I am obsessed. It gives your skin an amazing glow due to the added shimmer but really helps keep the skin hydrated. I showed you guys this product on snapchat a while back but it really deserves a blog post. I had primarily been using it at night but I am also using it during the day. Due to its colour it gives a little colour and it smells divine.
I am over in London since yesterday morning with work and so happy to be able to use my evenings while here to meet and catch up with friends. Have a good week and soak up that sun.

Keva xxx

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