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Friday, August 19, 2016

Khaki Green Dress - London!

All my recent purchases have been mostly separates and really no dresses, in fact I got one for a work event next week yesterday but I cant remember the last time I bought a dress.

I met Sarah and we shot this look the last time I was in London.I am obsessed with Khaki green at the moment and loved the back detail on this dress so it was purchased. It is from Topshop and you can find it Here, it is also available in other colours see Here and Here!
 Shoes are my usual nude ones from Schuh!
One thing I always try to do when I visit London is walk down different streets and go exploring this particular street I had never been on before. Set back from the main road in SW6 were these amazing typical London type houses.

We had found the perfect backdrop for this look.Keep in mind it was about 28 degrees at 8pm so I was pleasantly surprised how these photos looked.My plan for the weekend is pretty relaxed, it is my sisters birthday tomorrow but we are celebrating as a family this evening, tomorrow I will get myself ready for my trip to London on Sunday, I have a big work event next week so I am in London for the week so be sure to follow along as it will be a good one.
Happy Friday lovelies.

Keva xx

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