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Monday, September 26, 2016

Breakfast in Marbella!

Morning everyone, we landed back in Dublin last night and oh my god it is chilly I picked up a cold of some sort on our way over which was annoying but we still had a good time, today I am at home just catching up on things and trying to shake this cold / flu before going back to work tomorrow.
I had never been to Spain at this time of year before and it was still roasting. We were pleasantly surprised and lapping it up.
I had heard of Celicioso and wanted to try it out. When we were done with our workout we headed for a feast. Celicioso is primarily a gluten free bakery but it is ├╝ber healthy and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am not gluten intolerant just dairy which I am still getting the hang of.

The setting is just really chilled and it is juice heaven. I went for boiled eggs and then an acai bowl, yes we were hungry we had just done a met con workout!
Obsessed with these steps in Spain!
Of course I had an almond frappe which was yum and I even got a takeaway coffee, take about holiday indulgence.
 Check out Celicioso here.
This week is pretty chilled for me but going to use today to catch up on blog stuff and unpack.
Love Keva xx

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