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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Skincare Essentials for Long Haul Flights!

Hi Guys, sorry I have been MIA this week it has been a bit mental and as mentioned on Instagram earlier I am writing this post while in the airport and dealing with last minute things on my other job before I can eventually switch off for a few days.
I am flying to Miami and we all know those long flights can take a toll on your skin and no one wants to be starting off their holiday on a bad note, we are already going to have to deal with jetlag and that is not pretty so I have a few essentials I bring with me to help combat this.

Energie de Vie - this serum is an intensive moisturiser & glow booster, it is so refreshing to apply to your skin. I applied it this morning before I flew and I usually don't wear makeup when flying long haul, I prefer to keep my skin clear of any makeup and keep it well hydrated. I also use Revision Skincare factor 50 moisturiser daily. When I want serious hydration I use these in conjunction with eachother.

Secondly I will use an eye cream - this is one of my problem areas as it seems to be dehydrated quicker than anywhere else. I have been using Lancome Absolue Yeux and it has a gorgeous creamy texture but is not too heavy for your eyes.

Your lips can be some of the first things to show dehydration so don't forget to keep your water consumption up but I always bring Vaseline with me - It is never to far from me wherever I am. It is a godsend and such a cheap essential to have in your carry on.

Lastly I slathered myself in baby oil this morning to keep my body hydrated, it is definitely one of the most effective moisturisers around. I use the Johnsons one which you can find here
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Love Keva xx


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