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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Balancing Blogging, Work & Life!

This is a post I have been meaning to do for so long and it is eventually time to share it with you. I started the blog two years ago, the reason it came about is that I wanted to create something for me that I could keep developing and exercise my creative bug. I was working in Advertising at the time and working on creative campaigns meant I got to deepen my love for all things creative but really where I found my passion was branding, creating logos, websites etc and so it led to me creating my own which is of course Blunt Blonde. There is no secret to juggling the blog and my "normal" job but just being able to switch on and off when necessary, the switching off is a little harder though I have to admit!

I do try to keep some distance between my blog and the nitty gritty of my life purely because not everyone wants to be involved in it, I get that and I wouldn't want to go against their wishes. I also don't want to get so entrenched in the blog and sharing everything with you guys because you can forget to enjoy life and be in the moment, I am lucky that I have a boyfriend, family and friends that allow me to have the balance.
 I also know you guys (the readers) and loyal followers want to know more so I am trying to do a little more face to face on Insta stories and snapchat, getting over my nervousness of talking into the camera and being conscious I look like an idiot. Then again, I never was a wall flower or shy so you will be seeing more of my mug on Insta stories! Be sure to follow along here @bluntblondeblog

Some people ask how on earth are you doing the blog and working a full time job and my answer is it is a routine I now have down to a tee, I use my time very wisely and usually have jam packed weeks squeezing everything in, and other weeks I barely have a minute and the blog gets put on the back burner. My usual routine is that I wake up and the first thing I do is check all my social media accounts and emails, then onto work. I use my lunchtimes for meetings or events and more often than not have my evenings are filled with events. I have learnt though lately that it is ok to say no, yes I am not a massive blogger but I simply cant do everything and still need to spend time with my nearest and dearest.The blog has brought about so many challenges and experiences since its inception and I want to grow it even more in 2017, I was lucky to hit 10k on Instagram and see huge growth in my daily readers and now new targets have been set. My brain is always going and thinking of ideas and the blog is continuing to evolve, I now want to do a huge blog redesign so will see how that goes.

Thanks for coming along on the ride.

Love Keva xx


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