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Monday, January 16, 2017

Sunday Brunch!

Happy Monday lovelies, yesterday we headed to the Marker for some brunch. I have been so good with my Dry January pledge and the brunch made it quite tough but I stuck with Orange & Basil ice-tea, don't ask me how I did it but I am determined to complete the month, lets see how long it lasts!

Neither of us were in the mood for eggs so we went for more lunch options to be honest. It is such a nice thing to do on a Sunday, we just sipped away and caught up.
We had a chilled weekend otherwise, went to the gym, hung out and got a little bit of pampering. I so badly needed to get my nails done but had a treatment on them for two weeks to give them a bit of a break from shellac so I tried Callan & Co for the first time, it is such a nice treat and the interiors are gorgeous. I went for a grey colour from Essie Gel, called Handknit Turtleneck. You can check that out here.
Have a great week.

Love Keva x

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