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Thursday, January 12, 2017

What Camera Do I Use?

This is a question I get asked all of the time and have never done a post on it so thought it would be useful for you guys, whether you are a blogger or someone who just wants to get a decent camera I have pulled together my top tips on how I went about purchasing my camera and useful tricks. I researched cameras for about two months before I took the plunge as they usually cost a pretty penny, I honestly became a camera geek but then I felt educated (just enough) to be confident in what I was buying, after all it was a whole new world to me! Importantly I had a few boxes that needed to be ticked in order for me to make the purchase and this is the fist tip I have, spend the time researching honestly it will be worth it.

My Checklist

1. Go with a Brand You Trust
Its an investment piece so I it is best to go with a reputable brand, spend time researching and make your check list before you start browsing, this will cut down any time wasting and get you what you need / want.
2. It Needed to Be Compact
I wanted the camera to have the capabilities of an slr but but small enough to pop in my handbag, so a compact DSLR was the way to go.
3. Wifi Built In
This allows for me to get the photos straight to my phone which is a godsend as a blogger who is also working full time, it is also amazing when travelling.
4. A Camera I Could Add To
I also wanted the option to change the lense and add different pieces so an interchangeable lense was the best option.
My Camera
I went for the Panasonic Lumix DMC GF7, since then two more models have come out but they are more a less the same with a few updates. I have linked them all below for you guys to shop. It ticked all of the boxes for me plus it had a selfie mode, which honestly I do not use all that much but the newer versions have some new retouching functions which mine doesn't have.

Once I had settled on the camera I shopped around, I would encourage you guys to do this as some sites are cheaper than others for the same product but once again go with a reputable site and one you trust.

Happy Shooting Lovelies.

Keva xx

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