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Monday, February 20, 2017


There are those days you are running errands and want to be comfy and just wear your trainers and your yoga/gym pants. We have all seen the yummy mummys doing this for years and it has been a running joke in Ireland that more girls wear workout gear going for a coffee then actually going to the gym and now there is a whole new wave of acceptability of this due to the term "Athleisure" and I for one am loving it. 

I think you can still look stylish wearing your gym gear but know your audience and your location. Obviously you are not going to turn up to a business meeting in this type of gear but for weekend wear its versatile, relaxed and easy. Now more than ever you will see women wearing their yoga pants all day long, grabbing a coffee, meeting friends or just popping out to the shop, this is totally acceptable even if you haven't worked out once you are wearing it accordingly that is. 

The Athleisure movement is one that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Everyone wants to leading an active lifestyle and a lot of the fashion houses have recognised this and are therefore providing these types of pieces as they are selling like hot cakes. 
I particularly think these type of outfits work best when you are going on a long haul flight, as lets be real they are the next best thing comfort wise to your pjs.
Wearing my gym gear also means I am definitely more likely to do some type of workout whether thats a stroll to the farmers market on Sunday or actually go to the gym. I am not one who usually goes for wild colourfiul pants so I usually stick to monochrome looks but throw a colourful top on for a burst of colour. Maybe when we get some warmer weather I might be a bit more adventurous.
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Todays look is one that I wore yesterday, I wasn't in the mood for dressing up after being sick all Saturday night so this gym gear from Pretty Little Thing (PLT Sport) and my new aviator coat which honestly hasn't been taken off since it arrived on Thursday was the perfect answer to getting out of the pjs but still feeling comfortable.

Happy Monday lovelies!

Keva xx

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