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Friday, February 03, 2017

Why It is Ok to Still Wear Black in Spring

Guys I have been in a good mood for the past few days, I think it is because the end of January is here and the beginning of Spring but we have been especially giddy. I am still clearly wearing ALOT of black but that's ok because it is timeless. One of my favourite quotes is...
"Fashion is What You Buy, Style is What You Do With It"
I was only talking to the girls about this the other day, take something simple and timeless like a white shirt and give it to a group of your friends, then give them the challenge of putting together an outfit with that piece and I can guarantee you that each and every single person will come back with a completely different look and I love that. I do think the style in Ireland has really changed over the last number of years and I think everyone can express themselves, their mood etc through fashion.

I change my style up depending on my mood but there is always a boho feel to it, I think I am a bit of a hippy but my sensibility hinders this sometimes so theres a balance in there but I dont ever tie myself to a style as I wear what I like and feel good in.

I know I have said it a million times and I'll say it again but transitional pieces are the items worth investing in. A leather jacket is the perfect transitional piece for the coming months. I bought this one last year and still love it, I now have my eye out for the perfect suede leather jacket so I am guessing you will be seeing it once I purchase. back to the leather coat, I always think it adds an edge to an outfit and can make an otherwise black top and embroidered skirt look chic.

One of my best buys ever are these boots, one of my most coveted items they're honestly treated like gold but think thats how they have been in my wardrobe since October 2014.

I am heading to an event this evening which will be fun and back to back coffee dates and some blogging tomorrow, then myself and C will hang out for the rest of the weekend. Taking the weekend off the gym I have been to three classes this week and my ass is being fully kicked into shape.

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Have a fab weekend.

Love Keva xxx

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