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Friday, March 31, 2017

Frills & Pearls

Happy weekend everyone! We are currently on route to Cambridge on a little weekend away. I am so excited to see somewhere new and explore this cute spot with C.  It is meant to be a gorgeous spot, fingers crossed the weather is nice. Be sure to follow along on Instastories to see what we get up to. Now for todays post, I am sharing a new look with a few of my current favourites.
There is no escaping the frill trend and I am not going to be complaining about it. Adding a frill can bring a basic top / shirt to another level. I needed to invest in a few Spring tops and this was one of them.

You all know my passion for a crisp white shirt at this point, so when I saw the oversized frills and cuffs I was sold.
I purchased these jeans from H&M, admittedly my first pair from them. This new jean fiasco seems to be a bit of a similar topic on the blog at the minute but what I like about these jeans is that I have altered them a little. I liked the shade and the fit but they were that little bit too long for me.

Being petite I usually opt for a shorter leg but that wasn't an option for these and I wasn't prepared to leave them behind. So I did the only thing that would solve the problem and I took a scissors to them and cut them to the length I wanted and the frayed hem which I love.

I am not sure about you guys but when you find an item in your wardrobe that you had forgotten about it is like having a new item. I bought these courts for a specific dress last Summer and hadn't worn them since and I am quite chuffed to have rediscovered them.

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Have a fab weekend.

Love Keva xx


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  1. I love your outfit! I can see why you love white crisp shirts, you look great in them! And enjoy Cambridge!!!!


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