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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Having Perspective & Appreciating The Little Things!

The word Perspective is one that has been top of mind for me for the last few days, when something unexpected happens it puts everything in perspective and honestly this is so true. The way we look at everything in our lives and being part of the every day rat race means a lot of the time we can be running around and not think we have the time to review what is going on in our lives. What I have come to realise is that it is good to stop, take stock of what is going on and most importantly take a breather. Having a positive outlook on life and appreciating all of the little things is so important. Yesterday I read a quote that said "Make today so amazing, it makes yesterday jealous" for me it is all about living in the moment, taking chances, experiencing new things and loving life and all it has to offer. 
We have to embrace the ups and the downs; which I appreciate is sometimes easier said than done but to recognise the good you have to have known the bad.We all have pressures on us, some take these on more heavily than others but I am a firm believer in the saying if it isn't for you it will pass you and something doesn't come into your life unless you have the strength to deal with it. There are amazing things happening each day and a good laugh is one thing I love, tears of laughter is one of the best feelings in the world and although we almost always associate crying as a negative thing it can be in fact one of the best experiences.
I have shared some ways in which help me get perspective below.

1.Be in Good Company
Surround yourself with like minded people who you can support and you know will support you back. 

2. Spend Time Doing Something You Love
I love a good sunset and looking back on photos from Vietnam these are some of my favourites. For me the beach is a sanctuary and going for a walk on the beach is one of my favourite things to do to clear my head.

3. Take A Birds Eye View
You need to take a step back and review everything, this is an action I always try and take as it helps you see the bigger picture.

4. Stay Healthy
This is seriously underrated I know I feel amazing after the gym and eating healthy has such a positive effect on my head and overall wellbeing that it needs to be top of mind for everyone.

5. Get Away
This is not to be confused with running away or having your head in the sand, this is taking the time to go to your little haven and really switching off, we all have that one place.

Have the best Wednesday lovelies and Remember....enjoy every minute!

Love Keva x

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