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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

My Night Time Skincare Routine

I have been in a good routine with my skincare for quite a while now, my Mum was one to look after her skin and she it instilled it in all of us. She was a huge fan of Guinot so that's where I know the brand from. Even after a right few drinks I can usually be found standing / slumped in front of the sink in the bathroom cleaning my face. Talking to a lot of my friends they don't have a skincare routine or else they stick with something for a while and then revert to the easy option such as wipes so I said I would share what I do. I cannot stress how important it is to look after your skin. I suppose it is like anything, you need to get into a rythmn you are comfortable with and know that its working for you and its easy to continue it.I am a fan of changing up what I use every now and then product wise but I have a few brand favourites such as Revision Skincare , Guinot and Lancome. I use Revision day cream EVERY, SINGLE DAY - it has factor 50spf and is the ideal coverage. Over the last two months I have been religiously using these products and finding that they are working a treat. This Lancome Absolue Nuit cream is divine, I have noticed my skin being nourished but it doesn't feel too heavy.
The Guinot cleanser and toner is refreshing and light, followed by the eye cream which always leaves my eyes feeling invigorated. The Lancome cream is so rich and luxurious, it feels like a real treat with every application. It is on the pricey side but I do use it sparingly.

Steps to Follow

  • Cleanse and Tone 
  • Apply Eye cream (this is one of my trouble areas so I invest in a good cream, you only use a small rice grain sized amount for each use so you do get a long time out of it) 
  • Apply Face cream (not forgetting your neck)
  • Neck cream (advised starting for late 20s to early 30s)
  • Vaseline - My lips are always dry and this is the only thing that works

I love taking the time at night to do this and I also try to use a mask on my skin once a week.

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Cleanser and Toner - Guinot Cleanser // Guinot Toner
Eye Cream - Longue View Yuex
Lips - Vaseline
Face Cream - Lancome Absolue Nuit

Love Keva x

NB. This is not a sponsored post just a post I wanted to share with you guys.

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