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Friday, March 03, 2017

The Importance of Taking Time for Yourself!

For me I am finding my life is choc a bloc and it's only getting busier which is great on so many levels but trying to fit in work, the blog, friends, family and C is a balance I am trying to perfect and so far it seems to be working out quite well. Although, reflecting on it I always seem to be running from one thing to the next and trying to squeeze everything & everyone in. I suppose spending time with the most important people in my life is top of my agenda so I make it happen but sometimes it doesn't leave much time for "me time".
For me I love being busy but I equally like to take a bit of time to myself and I have found the gym is the only place I really switch off, it is the only place I am only focusing on survive the drill to get to the next circuit and nothing else is top of mind, honestly I think it is what is keeping my head straight and also I feel amazing after it. Myself and C go to the gym together, couples who train together stay together and all of that but for me I need him to push me so he is the one who drags me out of the bed for our 6.30am class twice a week. I do my own thing the other day of the week and love the mix and have found I am definitely feeling better in myself for going.
I do believe everyone needs to take that little bit of time and treat yourself or yo self, whether that's getting a blow dry, watching your favourite programme, going for a walk or lighting the candles and chilling with a glass of vino in hand. Taking that bit of time out is what we all need for ourselves. I do plan on squeezing that in over this weekend but I do have a fun weekend lined up so balance is key.

What do you guys do for your "me time"?

Have a fab weekend?

Love Keva xx

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