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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lilac Love

Happy Hump day lovelies, I shot this look over two weeks ago now so I have gotten a little bit more of a tan since then but still wanted to share the photos! Sometimes I like to break away from an outfit I would usually wear and this lilac maxi is not an item I would have normally picked but wanted to try it. It is always nice to change it up every now and then.

We had a long weekend here because of memorial day so it was really nice. I met loads of new people which was great, it is so easy to stick within your familiar surroundings.  Especially at home in Dublin most people just stick to their circle of friends which is understandable and I have really great friends at home, so coming to Miami really not knowing anyone has been quite the adventure and has resulted in me meeting so many new people.
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My view on being in a new city is be open, try new things make the most of the experience and listen to your gut. As a result of that I am happy to say I have met some lovely people. I went to a birthday party, a pool party with some of the blogger girls, tried new restaurants and just hung with new friends and worked out so it was the ideal weekend.
Going forward I will be doing two posts a week as three posts is just not something I can manage at the moment with my full time job, I hope you guys understand. The mantra is quality over quantity! Thanks for reading. 

Love Keva x

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