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Friday, May 26, 2017

Settling into Miami

Happy Friday lovelies, firstly let me apologize for the blog being slightly neglected over the last few weeks. I really have been finding my feet in Miami personally and professionally and eventually feel like I am getting settled. I swapped jobs but stayed with the same company so although it is the same company it is a completely different place, team etc so the blog hasn't been getting as much love as I had hoped but the plan is too amp it up over the the next few weeks.  I definitely feel like I have been embracing life here and getting an opportunity to try new things. Last weekend we went and did yoga early on Saturday morning and although I like a lie in it is such a nice way to start off your day.

This weekend here is memorial weekend so it is a long weekend which I cannot wait for. I have a little roadtrip planned which I'm slightly petrified about as Miami drivers are notoriously crazy but it will be nice to experience driving here as I think I will be getting a car out here. I will also be spending time at the beach which is definitely one of my favourite things about Miami and taking photos for the blog.
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Have a great weekend.

Love Keva x

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