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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Out of Your Comfort Zone

This phrase sometimes scares people, but I think in a positive way. I like being put out of my comfort zone and finding my way again. It definitely was a challenge moving to a new job, in a new country without having the safety net of my boyfriend, family and friends but I knew what I was going to and I was looking forward to it. Being out of your comfort zone makes you have a change in attitude, well it gives you the choice to have a change in attitude. It is like everything, you get into a routine and honestly it is great to shake things up every now and then. Sure, you can just sit at home and not go out and experience what this new place has to offer or else you can adventure and explore which is what I have done and really I think it has helped me settle into Miami life really well. The blog has been such an amazing asset to me over there and has opened up a whole circle of friends which I don't think I would have made without it.
I am going to do a bigger post, a more in depth review of life in Miami in the coming months so this is just a snippet to how I think you need to go about a move. Last night we went for dinner to Juniors one of my favourite restaurants in Dublin and it was divine as usual.  

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When I go back next week it is Miami Swim Week which I am so excited for, I am attending a lot of events and shows which will be fun.

Have a good weekend.

Love Keva x

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