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Friday, October 20, 2017

Don't Hold Yourself Back

Happy Friday lovelies, I am sitting in bed (awake later than I should be) brainstorming ideas for blog posts. The nice thing about having the blog makes me think about my life and take stock of it.  This can be both a bad and good thing, but whichever one it is I always think you have the opportunity to learn and make a change. It is so easy for us all to get caught up and forget to take a much needed moment. The majority of us are letting life drift on by and counting down each weekday until the weekend arrives again but we need to change it up, grab the bull by the horns so to speak and enjoy the everyday more. I'm not just preaching to you but reminding myself of this. 

We put so much pressure on ourselves on a daily basis when sometimes it is nice just to take a moment, switch off and take a breath or alternatively go full throttle into something you love and have been wanting to start, after all what is holding you back, if you answer this honestly you know the answer is probably you. Take away that barrier and you never know what could happen.
There is nothing like having an aspiration and achieving it, we get enough knocks in our life that when a positive opportunity comes along grab it with both hands. I am a firm believer in timing and everything happens for a reason so I am trying to embrace life that little bit more. 
Since moving away I have learnt more about myself and also about who I want to surround myself with. I shudder to think this realization is because I am getting older but I am pretty positive it is because I had something I wanted to achieve and I am actually doing it. It still seems a little surreal and it happened later than I had hoped but it shows me that you should never give up on yourself and your dreams.

I feel like sometimes these blog posts are just a surge of whats going on in my head and then I write it down and wonder if anyone else thinks like I do. Let me know if you guys like these kinds of posts as they are that bit more personal.

On another note I am heading to Austin, Texas with work for the weekend and I am looking forward to seeing a new city. I am hoping to find a nice breakfast spot for Sunday morning so let the Insta scrolling begin.

Have a great weekend.

Love Keva x


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